jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Donald MacGillivray

Este es el nombre de una canción tradicional irlandesa de la que nos hablaron en colegio, fué compuesta por James Hogg y que fué popularizada por la banda "Silly Wizard", por si queres ver lo que dice os pongo las letras:

Donald's gane up the hill hard and hungry,
Donald's come doon th' hill, wild and angry!
Donald will clear the gouk's nest cleverly;
Here's to the King and Donald MacGillavry!
Come like a weighbauk, Donald MacGillavry!
Balance them fair, and balance them cleverly!
Off wi' the counterfeit, Donald MacGillavry!

Donald's run o'er the hill but wi' his tether, man,
As he were wud, or stang'd wi'an ether, man,
When he comes back, there's some will look merrily!
Here's t'King James and Donald MacGillavry!
Come like a weaver, Donald MacGillavry!
Pack on your back, and elwand sae cleverly;
Gi' them full measure. my Donald MacGillavry!

Donald has foughten wi' rief and wi' rougery;
Donald has dinner'd wi' banes and beggary,
Better it were for Whigs and Whiggery:
Meetin' the Devil, than Donald MacGillavry!
Come like a tailor, Donald MacGillavry!
Push about, in and out, thimble them cleverly!
Here's tae King James and Donald MacGillavry!

Donald's the callan that brooks nae tangleness;
Whigging and prigging, and a' newfangledness;
They maun be gane; he winna be baukit, man;
He maun hae Justice, or, faith, he'll take it, man!
Come like a cobbler, Donald MacGillavry!
Beat them, and bore them, and lingel them cleverly!
Up wi' King James, and Donald MacGillavry!

Donald was mumpit wi' mirds and mockery,
Donald was blinded wi' blads o'property;
Arles ran high, but makin's were naethin', man!
Lord, how Donald is flyin' and frettin', man!
Come like the devil, Donald MacGillavry!
Skelp them and scaud them that proved sae unbritherly!
Up wi' King James and Donald MacGillavry!

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